For Beginners

I know that I’m not the best person to come to for help, but I’d like to give a few tips to any person that is beginning guitar or wishes to play guitar.

1. A Music Background helps — a Lot
If you have played another instrument before, then learning the guitar will be fairly easy. The only thing you would need to learn would be how to form the chords. Other than that, everything should be a breeze.

2. Callouses aren’t that bad
Are you scared of playing guitar because you’ve heard that the first few weeks/days/months will be painful on your fingers? Sure, they hurt. I won’t deny it. But it doesn’t hurt as bad as most people think it will. Think of callouses as the first step to becoming a master at guitar.

3. You don’t need an expensive guitar
A cheap guitar will get you started, especially if you’re skeptical about beginning guitar. You can even rent a guitar if you don’t want to buy one, just in case you realize you’re not interested in guitar after all. Try finding a cheap guitar on, it’s not that hard.  If you buy a cheap guitar now, you can always splurge on a better guitar later.

4. Teaching yourself guitar is easy (and much cheaper)
You don’t need guitar lessons to learn how to play the guitar. Why not use the internet? Buy yourself a few books on how to play the guitar, and google the rest. Youtube has a lot of neat tutorials, also. The internet is your friend, and it usually has most of the answers.


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