Kyser Pro/Am Guitar Capo Review

I got the Kyser Pro/Am Guitar Capo because I needed a starter capo and because it was cheaper than all the other capos I could find.

Price: $6.95 ($3.99 on

Description: This is a very inexpensive and lightweight capo. There are pieces of rubber to protect the guitar, and a screw to adjust the tension on the guitar. Very simple design.

My Opinion: It’s cheap, it’s durable, and it does it’s job. However, I’ve noticed that the screw has been grinding the aluminum (at the bottom of the screw), which will eventually result in a hole in the capo. Sometimes the capo causes the strings to buzz, which is quite annoying sometimes, even though I change the tension. It takes time to screw and unscrew, so if you don’t mind taking the time to do that, then go ahead and get it.

I’m planning to get a new and better capo very soon, but if you’re looking for a cheap capo that works, get this one.